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* Bugfix

- Removal

+ Addition



Version 1.7.2

* Fixed filter disabled in some presets

* Fixed unbalanced signal output

+ Smoother values for knob to improve midi controller experience

+ Now waveshaphing is processed before equalization



Version 1.7

+ Fixed installer both x86 and x64 matching platform

+ Updater installer for better compatibility

+ New waveforms bundled

+ Changed TheCoreStylerz Logo

+ New direct links to User Manual, Online Support, expansions (1.7)

+ New Directory Architecture – VSTi plugin use common FL studio path


Version 1.6.1

* Fixed filter disabled in some preset


Version 1.6

+ Pitch adsr

+ New knobs

+ Hide/view keyboard

+ New Filter selector as a knob with filter names

+ Bypass Stereo clip control

* ADSR envelopes tuning filter input

* Unworking filter envelope

+ New values for filter envelope, [-3;3]

- Old knobs

- Old filter selector

- Old switches

* Missing links to primitives

* Missing links for values display

+ New re-styling including font everywhere

+ Prepared for skins (beta)

+ New frequency splitter position and restyling

+ 5 new waveforms including 4 Nustyle waves recorded at 150 bpm

+ 5 new presets

* Installer does no install VSTi.dll plugin

- Old install folders (Documentation, StandAlone, Waves)

+ New install directory to make better compatibility and auto-wave loading on preset.

* Preset waveform directory does not correspond of true installed files

+ New folder three with addition of "Skins" to prepare skins change in future

* Removed some primitives for better performance

+ "About" info module re-styled

- Removed Hardcore Kicks Manuale (ITA)

* Waveforms redraw display not working

* Missing parameters names

+ Addition to HKVST Manual


Version: 1.5

* Fixed pitch locked on some presets

* Fixed wave loading

- Old wave loader

+ New wave loader with folders, files and switches

+ 10 new preset

+ New gui elements

+ New installer


Older versions history not available



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1.1  Installation

To install Hardcore Kicks VST you need to download it from sites where it is sell.

To install this software you need a Serial Key.

Your serial will be submitted in few days since you have paid and downloaded  it.

When you have your serial, start a new install and add it in this page:


Now install now if you want to let us decide the feature to install for you or click custom if you would like to select the features to install.


If you select for custom, you will able to disable some features excluding “vitals”




After following these steps, just finish installation process.


Default VSTi plugin path is C:\\programs files\VstPlugins\..


User menu

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