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* Bugfix

- Removal

+ Addition



Version 1.7.2

* Fixed filter disabled in some presets

* Fixed unbalanced signal output

+ Smoother values for knob to improve midi controller experience

+ Now waveshaphing is processed before equalization



Version 1.7

+ Fixed installer both x86 and x64 matching platform

+ Updater installer for better compatibility

+ New waveforms bundled

+ Changed TheCoreStylerz Logo

+ New direct links to User Manual, Online Support, expansions (1.7)

+ New Directory Architecture – VSTi plugin use common FL studio path


Version 1.6.1

* Fixed filter disabled in some preset


Version 1.6

+ Pitch adsr

+ New knobs

+ Hide/view keyboard

+ New Filter selector as a knob with filter names

+ Bypass Stereo clip control

* ADSR envelopes tuning filter input

* Unworking filter envelope

+ New values for filter envelope, [-3;3]

- Old knobs

- Old filter selector

- Old switches

* Missing links to primitives

* Missing links for values display

+ New re-styling including font everywhere

+ Prepared for skins (beta)

+ New frequency splitter position and restyling

+ 5 new waveforms including 4 Nustyle waves recorded at 150 bpm

+ 5 new presets

* Installer does no install VSTi.dll plugin

- Old install folders (Documentation, StandAlone, Waves)

+ New install directory to make better compatibility and auto-wave loading on preset.

* Preset waveform directory does not correspond of true installed files

+ New folder three with addition of "Skins" to prepare skins change in future

* Removed some primitives for better performance

+ "About" info module re-styled

- Removed Hardcore Kicks Manuale (ITA)

* Waveforms redraw display not working

* Missing parameters names

+ Addition to HKVST Manual


Version: 1.5

* Fixed pitch locked on some presets

* Fixed wave loading

- Old wave loader

+ New wave loader with folders, files and switches

+ 10 new preset

+ New gui elements

+ New installer


Older versions history not available


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