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TOPIC: Dominus VSTi has been updated to version 1.1

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#346 3 years 11 months ago Dominus VSTi has been updated to version 1.1

Dominus is a virtual analog synthesizer built for fat sounds and non linear sounds.
While this kind of synthesizer can make really good sounds they may hungry also for modern CPU's.
This update is totally advocated to performance and wi did so by using assembly language (also known as ASM) for optimizing all the processing areas.
Assembly is basically "machine" language, so it's at the low level of the hardware.
With this update dominus have from 4-5% average and up to 25% less CPU usage peaks!

Here the full changelog:

* bufix

+ addition

- removal

+ Low level assembly optimizations affecting all the synthesizer (filters, effects, routing, math operations, poly sections, envelopes and more)

+ Mono4 processing for less CPU usage according to SSE2

+ New master section ASM optimized with db meters

+ integrated noise in osc3 directly into the main osc

+ Totally rewritten envelopes DSP in ASM

+ General optimization of the whole software, reduced filesize and load time

* fixed noises and pops when changing presets

* Redraw issue for preset selector buttons

* Fixed filter key-track not working properly

* Fixed some issue with rear panel shown when changing presets

- old stereo amplifier
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