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TOPIC: Extender

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#82 5 years 7 months ago Extender

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Hello,Will you please tell me again how the extender is used for?!
I wonder how i can use it...the numbers.
Greetz n Tankz :) :lol: :woohoo: :lol: :)
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#83 5 years 7 months ago Re: Extender

Hi florentijn,
The externder is an extension of basic Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 license, that allow to export and convert source waves and export custom wavetables.
You can customize hardcore kicks vsti 2 source oscillators using the exter functionalites, like Expansions; but the extender add a level of complexity in customization.

The possibilites are:

1) Convert a Wave file to a new oscillator.
Using waveloader, you can export a wave file to a native Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 wavetable, just clicking "export".


The custom wave will be saved in Custom library folder, you can save infinite number of waves converted.


Then passing to Oscillator mode, and selecting "custom", you can see all the custom oscillators created; without reload the plugin.


2) Create a custom Wavetable
You can create custom wavetables using oscillator mode; Mixing oscillators and modifing them with the waveshaper.
After installing extender, you will see a new "save as" button. The exported wavetable will be exactly what you see in the "control" panel display.


Click save as and then "save as wavetable" and the new oscillator will be present in custom wavetables.



The currently used wave isn't normalized, so it overflow the display.

3) Export a custom wavetable to a wave file
This final option is intended for designing custom wave using Hardcore Kicks VSTi or other programs, like samplers or effects.
This allow to export the oscillator in a wave format, then you can tweak it and reuse it in the ways 1-2.
As wave, or as re-converted wave to wavetable.

To install
To install the extender, go to the "system panel" and click on the label, then paste your extender key:


Press enter o just release mouse then you should get the confirmation of a successful installation. After reload, the extender function will be enabled.
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