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#77 5 years 9 months ago GABBA KICKDRUM

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Hey all,

Im making gabba kickdrums in microtonic, I can get the initial 909 sounding sample and add EQ then distortion however, when it comes to the final product it always sounds like theres a pillow over the speaker, slightly muffled in clarity....

Not matter how much i go back to each individual effect insert i cant get it to sound crisp and punch through!! :(

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#78 5 years 9 months ago Re: GABBA KICKDRUM

I have utonic too. I'ts a good plugin but does not punch so much.. not like Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 synthesizer.
But. in general you should at first create a well punched and well shaped Kick before inserting channel fxs.
To obatain a good sound, you should use different distortion effects and make them really smooth.
So will be cool to have a simple distortion (for adding feedback distortion into the sustain part) and a multiband distortion.
Multiband will make you able to choose ranges in hertz where the distortion should be more fat. Fat distortion should stay under 40-500 hz range. This i bass and low-mid range.
If you want to have a "nustyle" bassdrum style, make frequencies from 300-600 less distorted and cutted by the EQ with a great resonance curve (Fast Q).
To add some hardness to the kick, use a good Amplifier simulator... the effects used for guitars. There are also some freeware, like Voxengo Tube Amp.
The puch should be addedd by fast transition of frequencies in the range 200-400 hz.
All the mix should be completed by an EQ.
Another cool thing, is adding a "Notch" filter into the channel this make the sound more "compressed" and not too linear.

A compressor at the end, wich is not required and is preferred to not be Multiband, add the final touch to your mix.
Make it loud ( -15/30db threshould) and cut off unwanted peaks.
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