Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 DEMO
The demo version of Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 allow to test the VSTi plugin inside any host.
The demo has no time limits but there are some limitations:
  • Every 60 seconds a noise burst of about -4db is generated
  • Can run only default wave (stored into the plugin)
  • No load/save functions on presets management
  • Only "Core" skin included and no skins support

All other functions including automations works in the demo.

This demo is useful for evaluating the plugin, and also to test the compatibility with your Host Software.

Run this demo first if you are not sure about compatibility.

This demo is also included into Hardcore Kicks VSTi old version package.


Dominus VSTi DEMO
This is an evaluation copy of Dominus synthesizer.
The demo limitations are:
  • Noise burst
  • No preset load or save
  • Stop audio after 20 minutes of playing

Download this demo plugin to evaluate and test the plugin inside your computer and your host.
The demo allow full use of the synthesizers including automations.

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