Hardstyle Addicted Vocals

Hardstyle Addicted Vocals Includes:

  • 63 Classical Dj Vocals
  • 30 Deep Vocals
  • 34 Evil Vocals
  • 36 Terrorist Vocals
  • 4 Senteces
  • 10 Cut-Loops (Sliced vocals effects processed)
  • +12 Bonus Effects

All Vocals are unique, also the same words in differents processing sample. Samples are registered with Condenser Microphone and heavily processed with input and output effects, including distoritions, reverbs, compressors, noise gates, equalizers, flangers, valve drivers and more.

Hardstyle Addicted vocals is the most innovative Hardstyle vocals samples pack! is all you need to give professional quality to your Hardstyle Productions! With these Mad And Heavy vocals your tracks will reach the top! CLIMAX!




Hardcore Bassdrums vol.1

Hardcore Bassdrums vol.1 includes:

  • 50 Hardcore kicks and Bassdrums
  • Format wawe 44.100khz

Hardcore bassdrums vol.1 is the most innovative Hardcore samples pack! Each kick was generated by Synth and Drumsynth and processed with effects: Distortions, Overdrive, Amplificators and compressors. Each one is controlled by compression to avoid clips or peaks, the samples legth allow to pitch to obtain a Nu_style effect without any problem!

As difference from other producers, The CoreStylerz elaborated each kick before processing it, that is the reason of the differents features of any sample in Hardcore bassdrums vol.1!

Also suitable for all Hardcore subgenres as Frenchcore, Happycore, Terrorcore, Nu Gabber.



Hardstyler Essential Samples vol.1

Hardstyler Essentials vol.1, Includes:

  • 6   Bass Samples (+ 6 reverse)
  • 18 Kicks
  • 11 Effects samples
  • 10 Hardkickzs (HardKicks for breaks)
  • 10 Claps
  • 5   Crashes
  • 10 Hit Hat's
  • 5   Rides
  • 7   Snares
  • 15 Synth Soundss
  • 4   Special Percussions
  • 15 Vocals
  • 2   Nustyle Kicks Multisamples (Sf2 e Nki*)
  • 3   Lead Multisamples (Nki*)
  • +1 Bonus Midi
  • +   Single shot nustyle kicks

"Give more power to your productions", This samples pack is all you need to start your hardstyle productions, a Collection of over 180 high quality waw samples for commercial and uncommercial use.


Wawe 44.100hz 16bit


Nki Monolith*


* Nki instruments format can be played with Kontakt Player Free, avaiable here.


Hardstyle Leads 2013 vol.1

Hardstyle Leads 2013 is a new collection of High Quality Hardstyle Leads made by The CoreStylerz.

Multisamples are registered between 4 complete octaves, 12 semitones per octave, to have the best audio quality.

These leads where made with Nustyle and Fat sounds in mind so they give the best experience when your Hardstyle track come's with a melody!

All Leads are processed with Many FX, including: Distortions, Equalizers, Reverbs, Shaping tools and compressors; They are instantly productive.


5 multisamples in SF2 format
Filesize 333 Mb (unpacked)
44.100 hz
Bitrate 32bit


Demo melodies are just demonstrative.

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