Loyalty Program

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With our Loyalty program you can earn points by shopping with us or supporting our project.

How it works

  • For any action listed below your will earn an amount of points
  • Actions are: order from us, invite a friend, upload on SoundBase, download on soundbase (someone download your file), SoundBase quality bonus... More to come
  • Points can be used as discount or to get products for free (if you reach the goal!)
  • Conversion rate is : 1€ = 10 points
  • You don't earn points when you use them in cart

How i can earn points?

  • Order from us: you get 10 points for each EUR spent with us
  • Invite a friend to register here: you get 10 points each successful referral
  • Join SoundBase to earn alot of points!

How to use points?

  • Order the product you want and choose to use them as discount or a free product download
  • To download a product for free, you need to have the exact amount of points to reach the total (conversion 100 points = 1€)


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Sharing Platform for Community

Welcome to SoundBase.
Our application allow customers to share plugin's patches and banks!
Uploading your patches and banks you will earn Points to be used for discounts or download products for free without limits!

How it Works

  • Upload your bank or your patch with our SoundBase uploader.
  • Your upload will be reviewed by our admins
  • When your upload is published you will receive your points
  • Your points can be used to generate a discount and even a free download if you reach the goal!

Points earn rates and value

  • You earn 1 points x preset
  • If you upload a bank, you'll receive 1 point for each preset!
  • We check the quality of your upload and we give additional points based on rating (0-5)
  • Each download from SoundBase costs 1 point
  • For each download of any of your file, you get 1 point
  • Points conversion rate is 1:0,01.  100 points are 1€
  • Points are grouped by 10, each group has a value of 0.10€
  • No limits on points generation, no limit on discount value! (100% allowed)
  • Points are depicted from your account once you use them.
  • Additional points are earned based on total percentage of any of your order. (eg. 10€ order you get 100 points).


  • Your content should be unique and original
  • You can use The CoreStylerz banks and patches as a start point for your new patches.
  • You may use other community member's patches as start point based on their license agreements where allowed.
  • We advocate for us the rigth to unpublish, remove and moderate your content and your points when your behaviour does not follow our terms.
  • For fraud behaviour we may ban your account from this service.

Affiliate program

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Sign in as Partner or Sponsor!
Boost our sales and earn you revenue directly, no intermediaries.

To join our affiliate program you just need to sign as a partner and subscribing the service.
Our affiliate program is simple: You publish our banner codes on your website or your blog and when people click them and order from us or simply register an account at you will receive directly your fee.
You can unsubscribe this service when you want.

How the program works

Affiliate Sales

For each sale coming from your affiliate link you'll get the 10% of the whole order total.
The sale will be valid for about 1 week after the click!
Your fee will be available to you after "confirmed" or "shipped" order status.

Affiliate Leads

For each new customer coming from your affiliate link your will get 0,10 EUR.
No limits, but the same IP will be counted one time a day.


We will pay your income after a minimun one month and from 20 EUR of total earnings.
Payment will be made via PayPal or Skrill.



We monitor all the affiliates in order to provide best service and reliability.
You cant':
  • Click yourself the banners to increase virtual fees
  • Force people to click or make leads

If we found that your behave isn't accomplishing our terms, we reserve the possibility to ban you from the affiliate program with or without notice.
We reserve the ability from us to change terms and earn rates with our without notice.

Server maintenance

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Our server got some problems these days, tecnicians are working to solve all issues and increase stability and speed.
Please come to visit us later if you experience problems with our website.


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