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Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 Changelog


* bufix

+ addition

- removal


Version : 2.5.5

* Fixed issue of extender key code generation

Version : 2.5.4

* Fixed issue with envelopes menu not pointing to the correct selection.

* Fixed issue of UI causing mouse pointer to disappear from screen.

* Fixed registration panel appearing also after registration

Version : 2.5.3

Important notice: this version or newer is required for registration process to work!

* Fixed issue with plugins registration service

* Fixed filter key parameter not working correctly

Version : 2.5.2

* Fixed an issue with velocity and pitch

Version : 2.5.1

+ Complete mono processing (Equalizer, Multiband distortion)

+ Performances optimizations up to 3% less CPU

+ New amplifier and clipper ASM optimized

+ Routine optimizations

+ Splitter sync is now bidirectional

- Stereo Clip

* Fixed machine data not refresh correctly

* Less UI redraws

* Splitter wasn’t working properly

* Registration panel redraw issue

Version : 2.5

+ Instant activation updated to version 2.0

-- End of 2.4.x version

Version : 2.4

+ VST SDK updated to version 2.4

+ Routable and Expandable wavetable based LFO

+ Full automatic registration and unlock

+ Some UI improvements

+ New Skin MaxLive

+ Installer update

+ Greater installer file compression

* Envelopes tab stuck

* important fixes for stability of preset manager

* issue with presets while loading a project

* fonts not installed in some cases

- copy and paste functions of preset manager

- some changes on files and folders

-- End of 2.1.x version

Version : 2.1.7

+ Updated installer for working with many users in the same machine

Version : 2.1.6

+ Updated installer for better compatibility

Version : 2.1.5

* Fixed error on wave loading when preset change

- Removed loop function for better support of short samples

+ 349 kick samples designed and licensed by Apex-Mind from Dark Like Hell Records

Version : 2.1.1

* Fixed sorting expansions files

+ Reduced triggers on loading to improve speed

For this version, please take a look of this Doc.

Version : 2.1

+ Big improvements to filter envelope

+ Reduction of output gain when stereo clip is off

+ Additions to the user manual


-- End of 2.0.x version

Version : 2.0.10

* Fixed issue on expansion based preset change

* Fixed extender key pop up show when already installed

+ New TC logo

Version : 2.0.6

+ Improved quality of wave export feature (requires extender)

+ Improved quality and sampling of wave draw export feature (requires extender)

* Security fix

* Mono plugin not shown on some host

Version : 2.0.5

* Fixed issue on wave loader selection

+ Pitch wheel control for oscillator mode

+ Modulation wheel control for filter cutoff

+ Mono VSTi plugin

+ Updated Patch Converter tool to 1.1


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