Hardcore Kicks VSTi pro

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The old version of the famous Hardcore Kicks VSTi.

Hardcore Kicks VST is the definive VST plug for Hardcore, Hardstyle producers. With a complete suite of FX and Functions HKVST make possibile to create great Hardcore kicks and/or Nustyle Kicks (Hardstyle).

Tecnical specifications

Format VST
Wave Loader (waw 44.100hz)

Fully Automatizabile from the sequencer
Low CPU usage
Compatible with all sequencer with support of VST 2.3 format


  • Waveloader
  • Volume and pitch ADSR envelopes
  • MultiBand distortion with frequencies splitter
  • Waveshaper
  • Equalizer
  • Multi filter with ADSR envelope
  • Filter types: Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch, Peak, 303 Lowpass, 303 Highpass
  • Stereo clipping
  • Full automable with an host
  • Stand-Alone Version
  • Waveforms Bundled
  • Preset saving and loading fxp
  • Compatible with most sequencers
  • Now freeware


This is an old version of Hardcore Kicks VSTi!

Hardcore Kicks VSTi pro edition is now freeware!



This version is no longer available  and has been replaced by Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 LITE.


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