Hardstyle Addicted Vocals

Hardstyle Addicted Vocals
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Hardstyle Addicted Vocals Includes:

  • 63 Classical Dj Vocals
  • 30 Deep Vocals
  • 34 Evil Vocals
  • 36 Terrorist Vocals
  • 4 Senteces
  • 10 Cut-Loops (Sliced vocals effects processed)
  • +12 Bonus Effects

All Vocals are unique, also the same words in differents processing sample. Samples are registered with Condenser Microphone and heavily processed with input and output effects, including distoritions, reverbs, compressors, noise gates, equalizers, flangers, valve drivers and more.

Hardstyle Addicted vocals is the most innovative Hardstyle vocals samples pack! is all you need to give professional quality to your Hardstyle Productions! With these Mad And Heavy vocals your tracks will reach the top! CLIMAX!




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