Trance Sensations

Trance Sensations
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Trance Sensations is a SoundBank for Dominus Synthesizer entirely dedicated to Trance music and subgenres.
The bank contains 64 patches ready to use including Leads, Synths, Arpeggiator sequences, Basslines, Chords, Pads, Drums and FXs.

This SoundBank is included with Dominus VSTi product. If you own Dominus don't buy it!

If you don't own Dominus you can buy this Bank to be used with Dominus Player

Classic Trance DEMO.
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Dominus Player VSTi

All the power of Dominus in a simple instrument

Dominus Player is a Windows VST instrument based on Dominus Synthesizer.
The player is able to load any Dominus soundbank or preset but without any editing and new sound creation possiblities. Player still allows to control: Master volume, Filter frequencies and Filter resonance giving you the ability to automate those parameters inside your host or with your Midi controller during live performances.

Dominus Player brings to you the full power of Dominus SoftSynth in a free product.

A special wink to sound designers

Dominus Player is a great tool for sound designers that want to share and sell patches. With Dominus Player your customers or followers doesn't need to buy Dominus Synthesizer since they can play your Bank freely!
Our special licensing allow signed Members to redistribute Dominus Player with your free and commercial banks. The licensing is absolutely free but sound designers have to submit their details to us in order to list them as qualified license owners on the website.Dominus Player also has special features for sound designers like Title and author display with author's links (website or email) and bank picture loading inside the plugin. Only qualified members can download the tool that add this feature to your banks.

Play SoundBase!

Dominus Player support all the banks and the patches of Dominus. You can download Dominus shared patches from SoundBase, our community.
Want to share a collab to? get Dominus!

What changes from the full Dominus Synthesizer

Dominus Player contains the entire engine of Dominus, infact the presets sound indentical from the full synthesizer.
The only limits are:
  • Sound edit and creation disabled
  • No automations except for Master volume, Filter frequency and Filter resonance

This mean that even hyper complex presets will sound indentical, but you can not edit or make them without Dominus Synthesizer.


  • Dominus Player VSTi plugin
  • 64 patches soundbank (default of Dominus)


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